Discover PM² the EU’s Key to Project Management Excellence

Back in 2008, the European Union introduced its very own project management methodology, which has evolved into a widely embraced tool for both private and public organisations. Its popularity stems from four fundamental reasons: it’s open to all, easy to implement, based on decades of experience, and applicable to all kinds of projects.

In the next few minutes, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about PM², its key advantages, its suitability for different projects and organisations, and how to master and adopt it effectively.

What is PM²?

PM², short for Project Management Methodology, is the brainchild of the European Commission. As the EU proudly proclaims, it’s “A Common Project Management Methodology for all EU Institutions, Member States, Suppliers, and Citizens of the European Union.”

At its core, PM² aims to provide simple and practical solutions to enhance organisations’ project and resource management. To achieve this, it incorporates a set of globally accepted best practices, described in international standards and methodologies like PMBOK-PMI, PRINCE2, and IPMA-ICBE. Of course, it also draws from the wealth of experience and rigour of the European Commission.

The PM² Methodology enhances project management effectiveness by:

  • Improving communication and information dissemination;
  • Clarifying project expectations quickly and at an early stage;
  • Defining the project lifecycle (from Initiation to Closure);
  • Providing guidelines for project planning;
  • Introducing monitoring and control activities;
  • Proposing management of activities and outcomes (plans, meetings, decisions);
  • Incorporating a link to agile practices (PM² Agile).

Who can benefit from PM²?

Initially designed to streamline the management and communication of European projects, avoiding duplicated efforts and divergent project management approaches, PM² has evolved into an “Open Initiative.” Today, it is available and useful for all types of projects, organisations, and professionals.

Advantages for European Programs and EU Services

PM² proves highly valuable in the preparation, presentation, and management of projects eligible for EU funding, as well as those involving services for European institutions.

Beyond enhancing communication, coordination, and project lifecycle management, PM² enjoys the extra support of the European Commission itself. The Commission has established the PM² Support Network (PSN), a network of Local Support Offices for Projects (LSOPs) coordinated and backed by the Center of Excellence in PM² (CoEPM²).

The PSN provides guidance and support to PM² users, covering both the methodology itself and the effective use of project management tools and techniques. This invaluable resource benefits both newcomers and seasoned experts.

Benefits for Projects of All Types

PM² is applicable to any organisation and project, regardless of their activities or objectives. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated with other project management frameworks already in place within an organisation, such as PMBOK-PMI or PRINCE2. For those without prior experience or knowledge in Project Management, PM² offers an accessible entry point.

Some of the standout benefits of PM² are:

Short implementation period, allowing for quick adoption.

Easy-to-understand steps to follow.

Equipping you with the necessary tools to manage a wide range of projects.

Free to use, with no payment required.

Joining the PM² community and receiving updates is also free. 

You can do so at these links:!gb87FF

For all the official information and documentation on PM² (updated on 2018) by the European Commission, visit their PM² website: 

Now that you have this valuable insight, you can start harnessing the potential of PM² and benefit from this exceptional methodology. 

At Consulta Europa, our distinguished track record speaks for itself as we excel in managing numerous European projects. With extensive expertise in handling diverse initiatives across the EU, we are well-versed in navigating the intricacies of project management. From the inception of projects to their seamless execution, our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional results and maximising the potential of each endeavour.

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