CONSULTA EUROPA PROJECTS & INNOVATION wishes to continue to maintain an integrated policy in permanent renewal, with the aim that continuous improvement is reflected in an increase in the satisfaction of our clients. The Quality Management Policy has been adapted to the activities carried out by CONSULTA EUROPA PROJECTS & INNOVATION:

Consultancy specialising in innovation and education projects

CONSULTA EUROPA PROJECTS & INNOVATION’s fundamental goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, through services that meet their requirements and expectations, with a commitment to meeting customer requirements, compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System.

To achieve this objective, we offer the excellence of our products and services based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and the fulfilment of the management objectives set, guaranteeing our services, and taking responsibility for the work carried out. To achieve these goals, the staff of our organisation is aware of the need to:

– Identifying and analysing the context of the organization.

– Understand and meet the needs of the organisation’s stakeholders.

– Understand and satisfy the needs of our clients, monitoring the work from the beginning.

– Establishing process management as a means of managing the services provided and the management system. Identifying and managing risks and opportunities related to the processes.

– Complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, whether legal, contractual or otherwise, which are applicable to us by reason of our activity.

– To carry out our work as efficiently as possible.

– To promote continuous improvement in the development of the work and its control.

– To train, motivate and involve the personnel affected in the management of the Quality System.

– To provide the necessary resources to guarantee the correct performance of the implemented Management System and to achieve the conformity of the service/product.

– Quick detection of defects and take the necessary measures to mitigate their consequences and avoid their repetition.

– Establish actions and programs aimed at preventing defects/incidents through risk management.

– Establish systems to understand and measure customer needs to increase customer satisfaction with CONSULTA EUROPA PROJECTS & INNOVATION’s services.

– Plan and develop activities for the continuous improvement of services and processes. As well as planning and improving our processes, approving, and promoting gradually more ambitious quality objectives and goals, and identifying areas for improvement to be more competitive every day, within the framework of a cycle of continuous improvement.

Through continuous improvement in all the organisation’s processes, we fulfil the strategic objective, which is based on achieving customer satisfaction by optimising the “cost/efficiency” ratio. This continuous improvement is applied to our entire scope of action, based on the organisation, planning, agility and responsiveness, and is the reference framework for establishing and reviewing measurable quality objectives.

To ensure that everyone in the organisation (at all levels) who has an influence on quality is aware of the policy and objectives, the documents that apply to each level are distributed to all our employees.

Apart from everything that was mentioned, the management assumes the commitment and responsibilities that fall within its competency in the development of this management policy.

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