European projects

Project development and management

The main activity of Consulta Europa is aimed mainly at facilitating access to opportunities and resources offered by the European Union, both for public and private organisations and entities coming from civil society. Consulta Europa has consolidated experience in the management, development, communication and dissemination activities of projects funded by the European Union in the framework of programmes directly managed by the European Commission such as H2020, COSME, Erasmus+, Interreg Territorial and Interreg Europe, among others. In addition, our team also has experience with indirectly managed funds, in particular the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund. Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund.

Policies and territorial development

Strategic consultancy on policies and territorial development

Consulta Europa has experience in advising regional institutions in the design, implementation and evaluation of regional implementation and evaluation of regional policies in support of research, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment, entrepreneurship and employment. The most recurrent areas of expertise are research, innovation, circular economy and employment. research, innovation, circular economy, entrepreneurship and equality systems, in both public and private organisations. We also support public authorities in the design, planning and design, planning and management of policies and programmes that support education, innovation and competitiveness of SMEs. competitiveness of SMEs. In this sense, we provide strategic consultancy services on the definition of policy priorities and objectives, so that they are linked to EU policies and recommendations. EU policies and recommendations.