Successful Launch of the Rural Toolkit: A Comprehensive Guide to EU Funding for Rural Development in the European Union

In a stride towards fostering rural development, the European Union has successfully launched the Rural Toolkit today, February 6, 2024. This comprehensive guide serves as an invaluable resource for local authorities, institutions, stakeholders, businesses, and individuals, providing crucial information on EU funding and support opportunities tailored specifically for rural areas within the European Union.

Key Features of the Rural Toolkit:

The Rural Toolkit boasts a funding finder, a user-friendly platform that allows users to explore various financing opportunities. Additionally, the resources section includes detailed guides on EU funding opportunities available from 2021 to 2027, focusing on sectors such as broadband, culture, education, energy, environment, and tourism.

The toolkit aims to guide rural communities in implementing integrated strategies and projects, such as Community-led local development (CLLDs) and Integrated territorial investments (ITIs). By doing so, it facilitates the design and execution of initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by rural areas.

How the Rural Toolkit is Helpful:

The toolkit acts as a unique entry point for all existing initiatives, offering comprehensive information on available resources and explaining their relevance to rural areas. Practical examples featured on the platform encourage knowledge sharing and peer learning among rural communities. The “Get Inspired” section provides insights into successful initiatives implemented in rural areas across the EU, illustrating effective combinations of EU funds to maximise impact and address specific local needs.

Equipped with handbooks and guidance on EU funding opportunities, the toolkit empowers users and applicants with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the distinctive challenges faced by rural areas. It encourages an effective, integrated, and place-based approach to rural development.

Funding Opportunities Categorised:

The toolkit serves as a gateway to various EU Funding and Financing initiatives, categorised into three main groups:

  1. EU initiatives – direct application
  2. EU initiatives – application via national or regional authorities
  3. Financial Instruments

Why a Funding Guide for Rural Areas:

Although not explicitly designed for rural development, many EU funding programmes and initiatives play a crucial role in revitalising and enhancing the quality of life in rural areas. However, identifying the right source of funding and understanding how to make the best use of it can be challenging.

The Rural Toolkit aims to streamline this process, serving as a guide for local institutions, businesses, associations, and individuals in rural areas. By navigating the diverse EU funding and support options, the toolkit empowers stakeholders to take full advantage of the available resources.

The Rural Toolkit aligns with the European Commission’s long-term vision for stronger, connected, resilient, and prosperous rural areas in the EU. It exemplifies how initiatives and practices supported by EU funding schemes and policies can contribute to the revitalization of rural communities and territories.

Explore the digital toolkit here:

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