Erasmus Success Story Shared by Beatrice Avagnina at the EEN Annual Conference 2023

In a captivating address at the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Annual Conference 2023 held in Bilbao, Spain, Beatrice Avagnina, Managing Director at Consulta Europa Projects & Innovation (CE), shared her inspiring journey of post-Erasmus success. The conference, which took place on November 17, 2023, served as a prominent platform for industry leaders to discuss and emphasise the crucial role of European programmes in fostering cross-border collaboration.

Beatrice Avagnina’s insightful address shed light on the transformative power of European programmes, particularly her discovery through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme. She underscored the pivotal role played by EEN in expanding cross-border networks and creating invaluable business and funding opportunities.

During her presentation, Avagnina emphasised the critical need for promoting closer synergies between EYE and EEN, citing their highly complementary scopes and activities. Her address aimed to inspire stakeholders to foster collaboration between these programmes to maximise their collective impact on empowering entrepreneurs and businesses.

Avagnina’s success story serves as a testament to the tangible benefits that arise when European programmes are strategically interconnected. Her journey, from the Erasmus programme to the Enterprise Europe Network, exemplifies the potential for sustained and impactful growth when these connections are nurtured.

Since integrating with EEN, CE has experienced a multitude of advantages, including:

  1. Networking and Business Contacts: EEN facilitated partner searches, enabling CE to establish and implement EU or regional projects.
  2. Dissemination of Project Activities: EEN played a pivotal role in disseminating CE’s project activities and key results, enhancing visibility and impact on a broader scale.
  3. Search for Funding Calls and Opportunities: EEN proved instrumental in assisting CE in identifying new funding calls and opportunities, contributing to their financial sustainability and growth.

Beatrice Avagnina’s address at the EEN Annual Conference 2023 serves as a rallying call for continued collaboration, urging stakeholders to recognise the interconnected nature of European programmes and leverage them collectively for the benefit of entrepreneurs and innovators. Her story resonates as an inspiring example of the positive outcomes that can arise from strategic engagement with European initiatives.

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