Consulta Europa joins the EU Rural Pact

Consulta Europa subscribed the EU Rural Pact  which was launched by the European Commission in December 2021. The pact aims at mobilising rural stakeholders, facilitating the exchange of experiences and boosting rural revitalisation. Our team will share the experience about working with rural areas and, in particular, the pilot project on #RuralHubs for rural entrepreneurship. 

If you are also interested in how to revitalise rural areas and have experience to share, you still have time until June to join the Pact through this open invitation and to register to the Rural Pact high-level conference that will take place in Brussels.

Long-term vision for EU’s rural areas – Rural Pact conference – #RuralPact

About the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas and the Rural Pact

On 30 June 2021, the European Commission adopted its communication “A long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas – Towards stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas by 2040”. The communication is people-centred and forms part of the Commission’s work on democracy and demography.

The Communication is accompanied by an Action Plan, which outlines the main instruments for investment in rural areas, and puts forward actions that bring all EU policies on-board.

In addition, the Communication introduces a key new initiative, the Rural Pact, which aims to “mobilise public authorities and stakeholders to act on the needs and aspirations of rural residents”. These aspirations are described through ten shared goals, which resulted from extensive participatory consultations and stakeholder engagement processes. The Rural pact should be developed with all levels of governance and stakeholders supporting the shared goals of the vision.

We invite you to fill-in this form to express your support – in your personal capacity or in the name of your organisation, see personal details section – for the shared goals and to join the Rural Pact community and take part in the discussion on its development and implementation.

Support the shared goals of the vision for the EU’s rural areas

The 10 shared goals outlined in the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas summarise the common aspirations of rural communities and stakeholders for rural areas in 2040 to become:

  1. Attractive spaces, developed in harmonious territorial development, unlocking their specific potential, making them places of opportunity and providing local solutions to help tackle the local effects of global challenges.
  2. Engaged in multi-level and place-based governance, developing integrated strategies using collaborative and participatory approaches, benefiting from tailor-made policy mixes and interdependencies between urban and rural areas.
  3. Providers of food security, economic opportunities, goods and services for wider society, such as biobased materials and energy but also local, community-based high-quality products, renewable energy, retaining a fair share of the value generated.
  4. Dynamic communities focusing on well-being, including livelihoods, fairness, prosperity and quality of life, where all people live and work well together, with adequate capacity for mutual support.
  5. Inclusive communities of inter-generational solidarity, fairness and renewal, open to newcomers and fostering equal opportunities for all.
  6. Flourishing sources of nature, enhanced by and contributing to the objectives of the Green Deal, including climate neutrality, as well as sustainable management of natural resources.
  7. Fully benefiting from digital innovation with equal access to emerging technologies, widespread digital literacy and opportunities to acquire more advanced skills.
  8. Entrepreneurial, innovative and skilled people, co-creating technological, ecological and social progress.
  9. Lively places equipped with efficient, accessible and affordable public and private services, including cross-border services, providing tailored solutions (such as transport, education, training, health and care, including long-term care, social life and retail business).
  10. Places of diversity, making the most of their unique assets, talents and potential.

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