Mission and vision

Our mission is clear

We believe in a glocal economy, where local and global development are strongly interconnected. Both local and global development need to be smart, sustainable and inclusive in order to ensure a growth and a welfare that are respectful of natural constraints and of social fairness. We are convinced that the concepts of Social Innovation and of Circular Economy are the ones that will contribute in shaping the future of our society and of our economy in the next years.

Circular Economy is an innovative, disruptive paradigm that will replace the linear model of production consumption-disposal that has characterized the industrial processes since the first industrial revolution. The linear paradigm is clearly unsustainable in a world of limited natural resources.
Social innovation is meant as the development of new business ideas which are innovative in responding to social needs and which are driven by the purpose of improving the life of individuals and communities of our planet.

Social innovation is accompanying step by step the introduction of the Circular Economy and its technological enablers by introducing disruptive business models more suitable to a new, more sustainable and more social inclusive way of creating value. Identifying the emergence of those new business models, both for the transition period and for the long term period, and transferring them to other sectors is our mission.
Circular Economy and Social Innovation share the involvement of the citizens who actively participate in these movements and co-create projects, initiatives with other actors, following a multi-actor approach.

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