Our trainings

The European Union supports European organizations in the implementation of projects in different areas, providing financing for the development of project ideas that contribute to the growth of Europe as a whole.

In this sense, Consulta Europa organizes practical training courses, seminars and workshops about European funds and project development and management. The content of our training courses is inspired by our daily work and is constantly reviewed so that the information provided is relevant and updated. We offer general courses and courses tailored to the needs of organizations, adapted to their employees and focused on a specific area.

Consulta Europa's trainings for 2017:

List of courses offered in 2017:

European projects for public administrations

When: 2-3-4 May 2017

Where:  Turin, Italy

Teaching language: Italian

The course, tailored on the specific needs of public administrations, aims at providing a full overview of different funding programs at European level and at building capacities among the staff of public administrations to participate in European projects as a partner or coordinator.

Masterclass on coordination of H2020 projects

When: 5-6-7 June 2017

Where:  Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Teaching language: English

Sometimes promoting a project as coordinator is the only way to get into a H2020 project. Leading is not an easy task but it is not impossible: with a few tips and some extra work you can maximize your chances to build a successful project.

Dissemination and communication in European projects

When: 12-13 June 2017

Where: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Teaching language: English

This two-day workshop aims at understanding the more traditional dissemination and communication requirements, and the most innovative communication techniques and methodologies in line with the European Commission’s indications.

Soft skills for project managers and coordinators

When: 19-20 June 2017

Where:  Bruxelles

Teaching language: English

The course aims at providing project manager and project coordinator with the soft skills needed to successfully coordinate a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinar consortium of a European partners.

Co-creation, multi-actor and participatory approaches for EU projects

When: 3-4 July 2017

Where:  Bruxelles, Belgium

Teaching language: English

This two-day workshop aims at understanding the concepts of multi-actor and participatory approaches and to become familiar with co-creation methodologies in line with the European Commission’s indications, and at learning how to implement those in the development and management of H2020 projects.

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