Project development and management

If we acknowledge that the success rate of the european funding program such as Horizon 2020 or Erasmus + is limited to 20%, we are not overstating to assert that is it complex to be successful in the european program framework. This situation is all the more complicated in the case of organisations approaching for the first time the opportunities and schemes of the EU or for those which are not able to dedicate large human resources to the projects. We can help you perform this task, to develop your idea and put it in motion, whether it is to be united in a consortium as partners or by providing assistance as a consultancy.

The development of a project is a complex case. We are aware of this and that is why we will be involved in the whole circle of the life of the project :

  • We identify the most suitable program/call for your idea.
  • We will convert your idea into a competitive project, which will fulfill all the requirements demanded in the call a/o the program.
  • We act as a link and we flow the information between the partners before the application of the project.
  • We develop each part of the candidacy : administrative, technical and financial.
  • We revise the candidacy and deliver it in time.
  • Once approved, we negotiate your proposal with the European Commission.

Moreover, if the project is approved and your organisation is the coordinator, this means that you will receive more money but will likely lead to a significant burden of work. The requirements demanded by the EU Institutions in terms of control and de-briefing are usually rigid and difficult to handle, especially if you are doing this for the first time. In this sense, Consulta Europa can assist you in the coordination and management of the project. These services can be covered by the funds received for the project.

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