Next opening of the Interreg MAC Program period 2014-2020

Next opening of the Interreg MAC Program period 2014-2020

The 2º period of the Cooperation Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal MAC program (Madeira-The Açores-The Canary Islands) 2014-2020 is expected to be opened at the beginning of the coming month of April.
The program constitutes one of the main instruments for Spain and Portugal’s outermost regions when it comes to face and respond effectively to the common challenges of innovation, competitiveness, internationalization and sustainable development fields.

The Geographical Cooperation Framework is composed of the outermost regions of Madeira, The Açores and The Canary Islands and the following countries that have accepted to participate in the program: The Cape Verde, Senegal and Mauritania. The program has a total budget of 149 million euros, 85% of it is funded by the European Regional Development Fund – ERDF.

As detailed below, the Program of 2014-2020 acts on five major thematic objectives (priority axes):

1. To strengthen research, technological development and innovation, through:
• Enhancement of scientific and technological capacities in the priority sectors.
• Increase technology transfer and diffusion, and cooperation among companies and universities or other research organisations in the priority sectors.

2. To improve companies’ competitiveness, creating the appropriate conditions to support companies’ internalisation process.

3. To foster adaptation to climate change and prevention and risk management, enhancing the ability to respond to natural risks that affect the Geographical Cooperation Framework.

4. To preserve and protect the environment and to promote the efficiency of resources, by:
• Improving the attractiveness of natural areas located in places of interest in terms of tourism.
• Protecting and enhancing the conservation of natural areas and their biodiversity.

5. To improve the institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administration, strengthening cooperation strategies between the different agents operating in the Geographical Cooperation Framework.

The institutions participating in the program can benefit from the actions performed by the regional and local public administrations and public and private law entities linked to them; Universities, Research centres, technology institutes and foundations; Chambers of Commerce; business and professional associations; other socioeconomic organisations; and other public and private non-profit entities with headquarters in Madeira, The Açores or The Canary Islands.

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