Mission and vision

We believe in Europe and the European Union as a framework which renders possible to harmonize the relations between individuals, institution (public or private), organisations (profit or non-profit) and to foster innovation and collaboration. Thereby, we wish to achieve to make our society a community more competitive and inclusive. From this perspective, European programmes and projects are not to be seen merely as sources of finance, but more as priceless tools for organizations and their members -leaders, employees, partners and volunteers- to learn from each other and to promote a change for a better good.

To make this a reality, Europe as a whole should be able to evolve at the same pace. It is obvious that in many cases exists a fracture between the Institutions of the EU and the authorities and organizations which are operating at the regional and local scale, mostly due to divergences in the vision and methodology used. However many claim that the origin of this breach resides in social, political and cultural singularities between each organization and country composing the EU, few are the voices to come up with solutions to overcome this asynchronous development of the European territory.

At Consulta Europa, we believe that communication, share of knowledge and a change in mentalities from Brussels towards the regional and local actors and vice versa can effectively contribute to reach a well-balanced growth into the EU. From this perspective, at Consulta Europa, we deal with facilitating the access to the opportunities, resources and best practices offered by the EU to the public and private organization, and therefore to the citizens. In a nutshell, we mean to ally, to innovate jointly to foster development both at local and European scale.

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