IC-Healt project about digital health

IC-Healt project about digital health

At the end of February of 2018, Michele Calabro, Policy and Communications Manager from the European Health Management Association, presented in Bruxelles the IC-Health project at the Public Policy Exchange: Stepping Into a Digitalised Future: Integrating eHealth Into Public Healthcare Systems.

IC-Health is a project that develops Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOCS) to analyse and help improving digital literacy on health of European citizens, testing their abilities on how to search, understand and evaluate information about health on the internet. MOOCS is develop in eight languages (English, French, Italian, Danish, German, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish). The countries participating in the pilot program are Spain, Italy, Belgium, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

The event gave health practitioners and stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the current progress of eHealth, understand the barriers and challenges and discuss the next steps in establishing achievable objectives and the successful implementation of digital healthcare transformation programmes. The European Union, and the European Commission in particular, aims to ensure a successful digital healthcare transformation in Europe, which includes facilitating feedback and interaction between patients and health care providers, and supporting citizen empowerment.

The IC-Health project is particularly relevant in this field. Empowering citizens requires giving them tools to have a greater understanding of their health and well-being. To do so is to allow citizens to be more independent in managing their own health and of their loved ones.

The Internet is a means as any other to look for health-related information. Some citizens will be more inclined to trust books or radio programmes. No one can however deny that Internet gives one’s access to a colossal amount of literature and information. IC-Health aims to help citizens to sort through these pieces of information and select those that are trustworthy and of high-quality.

Do not hesitate to join the European platform to further debate the importance of good digital health literacy skills.

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