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At Consulta Europa, we deal with facilitating the access to the opportunities, resources and best practices offered by the EU to the public and private organization, and therefore to the citizens. We believe in Europe and the European Union as a framework which renders possible to harmonize the relations between individuals, institution (public or private), organisations (profit or non-profit) and to foster innovation and collaboration in order to reach a well-balanced growth. In a nutshell, we mean to ally, to innovate jointly to foster development both at local and European scale.

Design of Territorial Development Strategies

We support public bodies in the design of strategies for territorial development, by adapting European solutions to the local realities. The territorial model that we promote is based on social innovation, circular economy and participatory approach. 

Development and management of european projects

The development of a project is a complex process. We are well aware of this and that is why we are involved in the whole circle of life of the project, from the identification of the call, to the creation of the most relevant Consortium, until the design of the work plan

Formation and capacity-building

We organize training and practical courses, seminaries and workshops dealing with European Funds and the Development and management of european projects. Moreover, we offer activities of capacity-building on the themes dealt in the projects we undertake.

About us

Consulta Europa is a SME specialized in smart, sustainable and inclusive strategies of territorial development. With this mission in mind, we have been developing and managing since 2009 European projects for research, innovation and education, in relation with the various sides of the territorial development. Settled in Canary Islands with the objective to act as a catalyst of ideas and trigger of initiatives and innovative policies matching the specific needs of this outermost region, we have been learning from other experiences and have been able to apply ours to others territorial contexts. The territorial model that we offer is focused on three key elements: “social innovation”, “participative approach” and “circular economy”. These contribute to mould the future of our societies and our economy in the forthcoming years.

Circular Economy

Social Innovation

Participative Approach

Project Portfolio

Since 2008, Consulta Europa has been developing successful projects in the field of education, sustainable transport, health literacy, and waste management:

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